Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kaboom A Joyful Mess of Colours, Sex, and Intersecting Plotlines

A couple weekends ago I went to the Bell Lightbox to see Kaboom! Gregg Araki's (The Doom Generation, Mysterious Skin) new film.

The 51-year-old Araki hasn't lost his touch for making movies that ring true to disaffected youth (and adults). Kaboom's striking colours, both in the scenery and clothing, and Ginsu Knife sharp dialogue make this movie worth flagging in your to download / to buy list.

What makes Kaboom! great is the sex positive message reinforced throughout the plot's many hairpin twists and turns. In a time where people fear for their jobs, and worries about global warming and food shortages have never been more real, a joyful sex comedy / thriller is just what the doctor ordered. Kaboom! conveys the joys of youth while acknowledging the complicated, unknown territory that lies beyond.

Smith (Thomas Dekker) , the protagonist, is a horny college student who beds both men and women with enviable frequency. He's also on the edge of his nineteenth birthday. In Smith's dreams a black door with the number 19 in neon blue lettering features prominently - the unknown territory beyond adolescence.

Smith's best gal pal Stella (Haley Bennett) is a sarcastic force to be reckoned with. She gets to deliver one liners that have all the subtlety of a pointed stiletto, but are they ever funny. Of Smith's promiscuity: "You meet some guy on a nude beach and after five minutes you're downloading his hard drive in the back of a van. You're a slut."

During Kaboom! Stella gets involved with Lorelei (Roxane Mesquida) who may or may not have supernatural powers, Smith lusts after 'straight' (but well-groomed, buff and hairless) room mate Thor (Chris Zylka) and discovers a worldwide conspiracy run by animal mask wearing men that may just spell the end of the world. Deep breath.

Does this all make sense so far? No? Well, that's okay. Just sit back, suspend your disbelief (and don't stop suspending), and enjoy.

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